Making it short

I don’t think I posted yesterday. Oops…

I came down with another of my killer headaches last night. I still have it and it’s just effing RAGING right now. I’m going to try a cup of tea to make it better, along with ibuprofen which isn’t working and some naproxen which will hopefully do something.  Acetominophen did nothing last night, so if the naproxen doesn’t work, I’m in for a world of pain all day.

Nick lost his first tooth yesterday. I’m sort of an idiot and didn’t put it into an envelope to go under his pillow, so we lost it… but at least he got his money from the tooth fairy.

That’s it for now. Hope my headache goes away….

Again, So Very Tired

I’m just exhausted. Yesterday, I was a walking zombie.  I brought Rusty to speech therapy, met Alex for lunch, and got home at 3. The clocks in my house still said 2 and I thought I had an hour to nap, but upon checking my phone, I realised it was really 3pm. Balls.

So, we picked up Nick and went to get his hair cut.  He looks like a little boy instead of a dirty hippie now. After the haircut, we got some groceries and went home.

My neighbour was out and about and I invited him in to talk since I didn’t want to stand outside and talk (and I had groceries to bring in). We ended up yapping for about 40 minutes about various crap and when he left, I was in a dead hurry to get dinner ready.

Alex got home shortly after six and as soon as dinner was ready I grabbed some knitting, hopped in the car, and hung out at Panera for a few hours.

After I got home, Alex brought to my attention an egg of Skittles candy on a shelf out of Nick’s reach. He had it in his room and was trying to sneak eat it. He told his dad that I said it was okay for him to have it.  I knew immediately that he was lying. When we were at the grocery store, he wanted one and I had said no.  While I wasn’t looking, he put it into his pocket and finally successfully shoplifted it. (I had busted his previous two attempts at shoplifting) So, today after school, we’re going to the store to return it and he’s telling the cashier that he stole it and he is very sorry.

If he ever does it again, we’re going to the police station where he can tell the police what he did. He’s convinced that if he ever steals again he’ll go to jail. So, if it so happens that he does shoplift again, I’m going to ask the cops if they can bring him to a jail cell for 30 minutes or so, just to scare him straight. We’ll see. I just hope he never steals again.

Little fucker.

I’m not blaming Daylight Savings

But holy fuck, am I ever tired. The adjusted clock read 10:40pm and I was just completely done for the day, so I went to bed.  We bought some new Melatonin for me since I ran out and I was back into my bedtime routine and although it took me about ten minutes to fall asleep, I slept well for a couple of hours. It was probably around 2am that I first got up and from then until the alarm went off, it was toss, turn, nightmare, gas, and pain in my arm. It was an almost-gall attack again but thankfully not full blown. Today, I just feel like complete shite. I have a mild headache and a general uneasiness in self.

Still, it’s not going to stop me from making a daily post and doing some drawing. I’m almost done page 6 of the Surge. I’ll work on that before Rusty’s speech therapy and then be on my way by noon for that. Nick needs a haircut after school today because he thinks he’s starting to look like a girl. He took a bath last night and his hair was puffy today. I found him a hooded shirt so he could hide his hair, haha. Sometimes he actually kind of acts like a girl… when it comes to his hair, at least.

No daily drawing for today since I’ll be inking for the Surge. If I draw something, I’ll post it later.

I haven’t posted in two months.

I fell out of the habit of posting everyday really quickly when I fell ill. It’s been a horrible couple of months, physically, and sort of emotionally. I’ve just been feeling gloomy and like general shit about everything for reasons too personal to go into over the blog. Regardless, there it is. FWP to the Nth degree.

The good news is that over the past two months where I’ve been practically nonexistent, I finished my contribution to Toronto Comics volume 2. I illustrated, inked, and lettered a story written by Daniel Reynolds and got it in the day before the deadline, February 28th.

On the art front, I have a couple of things to mention.  I’m working on the Red Surge again and hope to finish that soon. I’m doing the inks in Sai and the background line work in Manga Studio because I really dig their perspective tool.

As far as other art is concerned, I’m working on a Totoro piece for a dear friend of mine. He commissioned three pictures of Totoro for his young boy: Totoro on a train, Totoro in a car, and Totoro in the Cat Bus.

I’ll make Totoro on the train a daily drawing pic, even though I did it a few weeks ago and it’s still a WIP. Cheating, cheating.

I’ll try to post everyday again.