MCX – Mississauga Comic eXpo

I’ve sat at tables at conventions before, but up until yesterday, they were tables owned by other people. Yesterday, I sat at a table that was my own and experienced Mississauga’s first comic convention. It was a small and friendly con, but it was run very well by local artist Aaron Ong. I had a lot of fun talking to all the people and giving away free colouring pages to all the kids.

My bread and butter was Toronto Comics, which I expected. I sold out on volume 1s (11) and sold five volume 2s. I also sold a good number of stickers and prints.  I also learned the consequences of being one of the first tables people visit: they want to check out the rest of the con first, and by the time they get back to you, they’re broke. Damnit!

I’m glad I had my Square with me. I actually did a good chunk of my sales by credit card. Such a handy little thing.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the event. I was at my table for 95% of the con and didn’t take any photos; just selfish photos of my own stuff 😛 The latter two pictures were taken by local comic store Image Collections.

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Yiynova MSP19u+ v5

It may look like a bunch of letters, but there are actually many aspects of the newest Yiynova 19 inch tablet which makes it better than the Cintiq — particularly, the $800 price tag.

Thing is, I’m not going to be able to get it for a really long time, and as nice as my Wacom Bamboo tablet is, an on screen drawing tablet would be far superior for me to work with.

SO, as much as I hate people asking for money, I’m going to become one of them.  I’ve set up a GoFundMe page for the big price tag of $800 and will see if I can manage to get a bit of cash from people who are willing to support my fledgling art career.

If I reach my goal, I’ll send everyone who pledged $15 or more at least one art print as my thank you to them. The more you pledge, the more prints you get.

In other news, I’m all rested up from my time at Fan Expo and am ready to get this house clean as soon as possible. My mom is giving me a huge hand in it and I plan on helping her make it go as easily as possible. Then, off to Thunder Bay for a week, and after that, a small comic convention in Mississauga where I can hopefully sell some more prints.

The kids are in school, so I’ll be an art machine and will feel a lot more freedom, as well as a lot less stress.

Fan Expo

I’d post more, but I’m really really tired. I worked the Toronto Comics table today and yesterday and while working, I spotted a girl who looks just like one of the pictures I drew awhile back.

Check this freaky-deaky shit out!

Steampunk lady was super duper nice. She and I chatted a bit and she walked away with a self portrait.

Bedtime soon. I’m so tired I could pass out right now.

Actually, that sounds like a great idea.