Still kicking here!

Hi everyone!

I’m sorry I haven’t posted much recently, but I’ve been up to a lot of exciting stuff! The top of my priorities has been organising and setting up a new studio space to share with other local artists so I can work from work instead of from home. We move in soon… within the next couple weeks!

I’ve also been working on a new project called Shelly. It’s going to be a series of books for girls ages 10-15 and will deal with the things that are on the minds of girls that age. I’ll be taking direct feedback from that age group and will be incorporating those ideas into the comic so that they have something relatable and relevant to their age group. I find that many girls read below or above their age group because there just isn’t anything there for them.  This will hopefully help change that.

It will be real. It won’t be holding back or pulling punches. Girls want something intelligent; they don’t want things to be dumbed down… and I want to provide that.

Shelly is well under way and preview images and work can be viewed under the portfolio link on this page. The first issue is due out in the summer of this year. As it stands, I hope to have two issues out per year.

Please use the contact form to get in touch with me if you have any questions or comments or suggestions for the book! I look forward to hearing some feedback.

Thanks for your continued support and readership!