It’s beginning to look like Giftmas in my house.

We put up the tree last night. The kids had an awesome time and Alex and I enjoyed watching them.  We went to Home Depot to pick up a tree and found a beauty without any tags. All the other trees in the same section as that tree had pink tags, so we grabbed a pink tag from the ground and paid a sweet $20 for it.  As the tree relaxed at home, it became quite apparent that we got a tree worth much more than $20 because it is absolutely beautiful and full. It’s nearly as wide as it is tall.  I really do need to make a new tree topper, though. Almost all our ornaments are handmade ornaments and it would make sense if the topper was also a handmade ornament. I think I might just do that and we can make it a family treasure to pass down through the family.

That was the basic theme of yesterday. Here are some pictures! Some of them are a little blurry, but that’s because my kids, like most kids, don’t stay still for very long.  Looks like Alex caught me in some of them, and I caught him, too. We’re even.