MCX – Mississauga Comic eXpo

I’ve sat at tables at conventions before, but up until yesterday, they were tables owned by other people. Yesterday, I sat at a table that was my own and experienced Mississauga’s first comic convention. It was a small and friendly con, but it was run very well by local artist Aaron Ong. I had a lot of fun talking to all the people and giving away free colouring pages to all the kids.

My bread and butter was Toronto Comics, which I expected. I sold out on volume 1s (11) and sold five volume 2s. I also sold a good number of stickers and prints.  I also learned the consequences of being one of the first tables people visit: they want to check out the rest of the con first, and by the time they get back to you, they’re broke. Damnit!

I’m glad I had my Square with me. I actually did a good chunk of my sales by credit card. Such a handy little thing.

Anyway, here are some pictures from the event. I was at my table for 95% of the con and didn’t take any photos; just selfish photos of my own stuff 😛 The latter two pictures were taken by local comic store Image Collections.

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