An ongoing series for young teen girls

Shelly is a series of books based around the lives of five young girls living in the Toronto area. They are faced with day to day issues that all kids are confronted with and find strength in one another to pull through — or they make the wrong decisions, as many youths do these days. For every action, there is a consequence.



Formerly known as “Best Mutt”

Strays is a single shot comic inspired by a writing assignment from Ty’s writing class. It has a basic mainstream structure which was slightly twisted to make it look like something else. The story is essentially about a teenager who tries to get rid of a dog who has decided that she is his best friend.

Strays will be available for digital download in colour for a small fee, or in black and white for free


thumbsupSkelt and Apy

A children’s comic, written by Sam Noir and illustrated by me. It teaches kids an important lesson: money doesn’t grow on trees.





Toronto Comics Anthology
Toronto Comics Anthology

Toronto Comics AnthologyAKA Toronto Comics 2014

The Toronto Comics Anthology is a collective works of local artists and writers from the City of Toronto. It is funded by the writers and the artists work for free. The majority of our artists and writers are alumni of Ty Templeton’s Comic Book Bootcamp courses. We are establishing a large web of contacts to help local artists get their art out there.

I worked with writer Nelson Da Rocha and together we put together a ten page story called Different Times.


Toronto Comics Volume 2
AKA Toronto Comics 2015

This volume of Toronto Comics is bigger and better than the original with 208 glorious pages of local comics. All of the artists and writers are from the Toronto area and all of the stories, like the first volume, are based in Toronto.

I worked with writer Daniel Reynolds on an eight page story called Redevelopment and Reunion.


Toronto Comics Volume 3
AKA Toronto Comics 2016

By far, the largest volume of Toronto Comics to date, this book is a mammoth of beautiful local comics.

I wrote and illustrated my own one page story called “Then and Now”.



Pencils by Xan Grey, Inks by me, characters property of Nelson Da Rocha
Sgt. Sawchuck and The Red Surge

Part of the Canadiana Anthology, Vol 2

Sgt. Sawchuck and the Red Surge is written by Nelson da Rocha, illustrated by Xan Grey, and inked by me, Stephany Lein. It has not been released as of yet but I will be posting very tiny little snipped peeks at the project as it comes to fruition. A link will be made available as soon as possible when the comic has been completed.



The Beast Who Shouted Love

An Anthology called Strange Romance

I’ve only just started this project but it should be completed and out by Valentine’s Day. It’s about unlikely couples and how love can blossom in the strangest of situations. Stay tuned for updated and changing concept art of both characters and a utopian futuristic world.



Inktober 2014Inktober
Picture a day challenge.

Inktober is a play on words. In the month of October, thousands of artists around the world do as many ink-themed images as they can to practice the art of ink and the study of black and white. I only managed to do a few images for Inktober this year, as life took over as it always does, but I’m happy with that I did do. I’ve learned quite a lot and am looking forward to next Inktober.

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