This is the first post on my blog.

I started this today, and even though it’s incomplete, I’m going to post in it today. The goal, which is fairly lofty, is to draw and write every single day about something, even if it’s just one line to update whoever may be reading it as to what the heck is going on in my uneventful life.

This blog will also be a collection of recipes that I enjoy, a list of art projects I’m working on, and a gallery of daily art which will also be posted to my deviantArt.

I’ll have some site buttons up sometime and I’ll post my picture for today after I finish it. In fact, I have twenty minutes before I need to start dinner so I’ll draw something right now.

Tonight’s dinner is chicken jumbalaya with chicken thigh meat instead of white meat. I think it tastes better.

Anyway hooray for new blog!