Caught a touch of the lurgy.

Well, yesterday was fun, despite feeling the beginning of a cold of sorts.  I went to tea with the ladies at the Comic Book Embassy and brought my spinning wheel. We hung out and chatted for about 2 1/2 hours before I had to go to the Toronto Comix meeting. I was also chastised for not updating Tumblr. SO, that means I need to start crossposting my stuff to Tumblr. I have no problems with that. Thanks, BC, for poking me about it.

The meeting ended rather early and I opted not to grab a bite with Andrew and Malcolm and …was it Mark? (I can’t remember) so I could pick up some food on the way home for poor sick Alex and the boys. I got a couple wonton soups for us and we enjoyed a nice meal. I bit into a hot chili by accident and my mouth was on fire for a little while, but I did eventually recover and was able to taste and enjoy the rest of my meal.

After dinner, I noticed that my throat was getting even more sore and I started coughing a lot… I was also suddenly extremely cold, so I bundled up until the kids were due to go to bed and Alex and I put the kids to bed together. Then, it was warm up on the couch time. My slippers fit Alex’s feet better than my own feet. Balls. I’ll still wear them but that’ll be itching at the back of my mind whenever I put them on.

I took some Tylenol Cold and Fever before I went to bed and couldn’t fall asleep, much like the night before. After some time passed, I eventually fell asleep, but spent the majority of the night tossing and turning. Nick woke us up and I’m sure I had a fever. Shivering like crazy and too hot at the same time. Very uncomfortable. Alex opted to go to work since he slept his fever off and I bundled up, drank tea, and worked on the daily drawing.

I must say… Manga Studio 5’s perspective tool? MWAH! Love it. I can actually colour the picture tomorrow and we’ll see how Kitai’s final piece looks.

Today’s task: fold some laundry, since I won’t be attending knit night.

Hope my knitting friends have a great time, and that everyone has a pleasant Monday.

More work to do.

Well, I had class last night, and it looks like this week will be a writing-heavy week. No worries, though; I’ll still do my daily drawings.  I have some more sketches to upload, too. Expect to see a lot of dog drawings, as I’m not that great at drawing animals and I’ll need the practice if this story is going to be about, well, a dog. Ty gave me some amazing feedback on my story, and my friend Nelson gave me some feedback, too. I have some writing to do!

In the meantime, there are the usual chores. Dishes; laundry; sweeping; cooking. Alex had to be at work this morning at 7, so I had the kids by myself this morning. I got Nick all set and ready to go. Today was crazy hat day at school, so I let him wear his dad’s Dwarven Battle Bonnet. I’ll grab a picture later cos I forgot my phone when I went to drop him at school.

This weekend was supposed to be really busy but half of the big plans dropped. Alex’s step sister’s grandmother died and they had to cancel. I hope we can reschedule something with them before we all forget, like always.

So, anyway, today will be spent doing some chores, doing some drawing, and doing a lot of writing. As soon as this blog post is over, the drawing will begin.

I hope all my American friends had a lovely Thanksgiving. Try not to die today on Black Friday. 😛


I don’t have a whole lot to report on today. Yesterday was spent mostly drawing. Today’s daily drawing took me awhile to do, too. I sketched out some quick pencils for Taryn’s turnaround yesterday and filled them in online today. I’m pretty happy with the turnaround of her body. I’ll end up doing some turnarounds for her head, eventually, too. Also, I’ll need turnarounds of her parents and her girlfriend. The vet isn’t featured nearly as much; only a page or two. I think that everyone else needs a turnaround, sadly.

On the agenda: photos of downtown Toronto in the areas specified within the story.. I need to photograph some houses, a convenience store, and a place to eat.  Oh, and the park. I also have to do an animal study of geese and Dog. Dog’s going to be a lot of fun to draw in the story, I think. He’s a vibrant and fun character.

Yesterday, we had chicken fried rice for dinner. That’s something I ought to post the recipe for, as my family goes apeshit over it. There are never any leftovers when I make fried rice. I have no idea for today, though. One thing I do know is my daily drawing took so long to do, I won’t be able to hit the gym while getting Rusty watched. It’s tempting to hit the gym in the evening and have the kids watched THEN, instead, but dinner’s always a pill to make and feed the boys in time. It’s hard when Alex works so much.

Ah, well.

I also have to write that tragedy today. I have absolutely no idea what to do for it. My mind has been completely wrapped around Strays.  I should be hearing from Ty about the script tomorrow. I hope he likes it and that he can offer me some suggestions for it, later.


I thought I’d never come up with what to draw… but a conversation with an acquaintance with me, local artist Adam Gorham,  He gave me some really good advice about perspective, as my previous couple daily drawings had perspective off. You’re going to start seeing a lot more drawings of the house and of things that are in perspective; it’s the only way I’m going to learn and get good at it. I need to practice, practice, practice.

Yesterday was a really busy day. I spent practically the whole day out with the boys running errands while Alex and the guys did some beer brewing. The boys were actually really good while I was out. Rusty was better than average and Nick was listening. There was a bit of pouting when they were given a lunch at the mall of noodles, chicken, and green beans (Nick wanted burgers and fries, of course) but in the end, both boys ate everything on their plates like ravenous little beasts. I’d say it was a success. We had our grease for dinner because I was far too tired to make anything decent.

Tonight should be okay. I’ll make up for it with a nice oven roasted chicken breast and some potatoes. Or maybe a chicken stir fry. I’ll decide later.

We got a bunch of supplies for Rusty’s charts and the start of Christmas crafts.  I think that I’ll make cookies for the family this year since nobody’s buying for us and we can’t afford to buy for all of them.  Christmas is so damned stressful.

Work on Best Mutt is coming along well. I’ve written out Acts I and II in script format and will work on getting Act III done today. Act III should be pretty easy because it’s mostly in montage form.  Act IV will be a bit more time consuming, as a lot happens, and Act V will be relatively easy. I’m getting all my rough mini thumbs done at this time, too, which will, of course, be revised later to look prettier. It’s all good. When all that’s done, I’ll do the turnarounds. I’ve never had to draw dogs a lot in the past so it’ll be a nice learning activity.

I’ll be posting the black and white comic online for free and if anyone wants a coloured version, they can throw me a few bucks for the PDF. I’ll set up a store for it and stuff and when I go to a convention of sorts for artists alley, I’ll print some copies of it in case anyone there wants a hard copy. (And, of course, I’ll make hard copies available for purchase online.)

Today’s plan is to write more and to play video games with my six year old. He didn’t get to play any yesterday and was pretty upset so I promised him that when his dad gets up, we’ll play some today.

Enjoy your Sunday!