Short and Sweet Today

I spent all my time this morning working on the inks in my daily drawing that I’ve left very little time for a shower and to get ready. Today, I have High Tea at the Embassy with the art ladies of Toronto, hosted by the lovely Meghan Hendricks and Keiren Templeton-Smith. I’m going to bring some tea along to share since I couldn’t bake that Spanish Bar Cake last night. I had no icing sugar for the frosting and you can’t have that cake without the frosting. It’s against the law.

After tea I have a meeting for Toronto Comix Vol 2. I’ll either be assigned as an artist or an inker. I think I’d prefer just ink and lettering, as I have a lot on my plate, but I’ll take whatever is given to me.

It should be a nice day of just me and not having to be a full time mom. Those days feel really far between right now so I appreciate them when I can.

I had a nice long talk on the phone with Carol Shaw, who is like a second mom to me. I miss her terribly. I hope that maybe we can visit Thunder Bay this summer. We’ll see, yes?

Anyway, happy Sunday, everyone!