Caught a touch of the lurgy.

Well, yesterday was fun, despite feeling the beginning of a cold of sorts.  I went to tea with the ladies at the Comic Book Embassy and brought my spinning wheel. We hung out and chatted for about 2 1/2 hours before I had to go to the Toronto Comix meeting. I was also chastised for not updating Tumblr. SO, that means I need to start crossposting my stuff to Tumblr. I have no problems with that. Thanks, BC, for poking me about it.

The meeting ended rather early and I opted not to grab a bite with Andrew and Malcolm and …was it Mark? (I can’t remember) so I could pick up some food on the way home for poor sick Alex and the boys. I got a couple wonton soups for us and we enjoyed a nice meal. I bit into a hot chili by accident and my mouth was on fire for a little while, but I did eventually recover and was able to taste and enjoy the rest of my meal.

After dinner, I noticed that my throat was getting even more sore and I started coughing a lot… I was also suddenly extremely cold, so I bundled up until the kids were due to go to bed and Alex and I put the kids to bed together. Then, it was warm up on the couch time. My slippers fit Alex’s feet better than my own feet. Balls. I’ll still wear them but that’ll be itching at the back of my mind whenever I put them on.

I took some Tylenol Cold and Fever before I went to bed and couldn’t fall asleep, much like the night before. After some time passed, I eventually fell asleep, but spent the majority of the night tossing and turning. Nick woke us up and I’m sure I had a fever. Shivering like crazy and too hot at the same time. Very uncomfortable. Alex opted to go to work since he slept his fever off and I bundled up, drank tea, and worked on the daily drawing.

I must say… Manga Studio 5’s perspective tool? MWAH! Love it. I can actually colour the picture tomorrow and we’ll see how Kitai’s final piece looks.

Today’s task: fold some laundry, since I won’t be attending knit night.

Hope my knitting friends have a great time, and that everyone has a pleasant Monday.

A nice, slow day.

Well, our plans fell through for the Santa Claus Parade, and I send my deepest condolences to Lisa for her family’s loss… part of me is a little bit happy that I can relax and do some stuff around the house. Alex and I are going to set up the new bunk beds for the boys! Nick’s been chomping at the bit to get the new bunk beds set up so that he can sleep on the top like a real big boy.

I haven’t started my revisions to the script yet, either. I spent a lot of time knitting yesterday and after Nick pulled a huge bullshit move at school, I will be adding yet another name to the list of things I need to do.  What did he do? He stole the librarian’s personal keys for her car and house on Thursday and she had to call for assistance. $500. Cos of my kid.  Anyway, he owned up to it on Friday and I brought him home to find the keys, which he had stashed away like a little bastard. At least he could find them.

So, because I don’t have $500, I will be knitting the librarian a lovely winter accessory with my own handspun yarn. She never asked for any reimbursement or compensation and she is a very forgiving lady, but I think it would be sort of an asshole move not to do anything for her.

When Nick got home yesterday, he had to clean up a big mess and didn’t get to watch tv. He still has that task today, still with no tv, and he will not be getting any tv until he finishes cleaning up that toy room. It’s his and his brother’s mess and he needs to learn to clean up after himself. He knows how, but just won’t, because kids.

It was my day to sleep in and it wasn’t very restful. The whole morning was a combination of Rusty screaming and Nick tattling on Rusty for stupid shit that doesn’t fucking matter. SO, I got up and brewed some tea and did a daily drawing.

About today’s drawing: consider it a sketch. I’ll refine it tomorrow and eventually colour it. That character holds a special place in my heart and I have always loved drawing her.

Anyway, I have shit to do today, including making lunch for the demonspawn and then getting stuff out of the boys room to set up the new beds. I’m gonna be sore tomorrow.