I’m not blaming Daylight Savings

But holy fuck, am I ever tired. The adjusted clock read 10:40pm and I was just completely done for the day, so I went to bed.  We bought some new Melatonin for me since I ran out and I was back into my bedtime routine and although it took me about ten minutes to fall asleep, I slept well for a couple of hours. It was probably around 2am that I first got up and from then until the alarm went off, it was toss, turn, nightmare, gas, and pain in my arm. It was an almost-gall attack again but thankfully not full blown. Today, I just feel like complete shite. I have a mild headache and a general uneasiness in self.

Still, it’s not going to stop me from making a daily post and doing some drawing. I’m almost done page 6 of the Surge. I’ll work on that before Rusty’s speech therapy and then be on my way by noon for that. Nick needs a haircut after school today because he thinks he’s starting to look like a girl. He took a bath last night and his hair was puffy today. I found him a hooded shirt so he could hide his hair, haha. Sometimes he actually kind of acts like a girl… when it comes to his hair, at least.

No daily drawing for today since I’ll be inking for the Surge. If I draw something, I’ll post it later.

Habits, habits

I need to form the habits again to be posting every single day.

It’s amazing how when you stop doing something for as little a time as a week, the habit just falls away. I was writing and drawing everyday and posting both and then after the week before Christmas, stopped. I will commit to this again.

On the drawing front, I actually HAVE been drawing on a daily basis, but I just haven’t been posting anything for it. I’m working on the Surge still and I’ve finally finished the concept drawings for Toronto Comix vol 2. I just haven’t been posting them because I’ve actually been ill the last few days.

Even as I type this right now, I have the chills while sweating.

Last night, we took the tree down and I did a good chunk of the work while sitting. Sweeping and bending over took a lot out of me and when it came time for bed, I passed right out.  I had another cramp attack earlier that day, too, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as before, which leads me to believe that it might’ve been a symptom of what I have, considering that Alex had the same cramps a couple days ago.

Or, it was psychosomatic.

Anyway, Alex came home early yesterday to get Nick to Beavers because there was no way in hell I was in any condition to drive.

Today was garbage day and we didn’t get anything out last night. I was in no condition to carry anything up and down stairs and I can’t really blame Alex for not wanting to be alone in taking out all that trash.  Instead, still sick, I took the trash out today. We missed recycling again.

Sunday was a great day. I went to Cindy’s house for a few hours and blended/carded some fibre I’ve been meaning to take care of for a long time, now. I also did some work on a sock that’s been a WIP but put it down after about five rows out of frustration of fucking up. When I got home, I had to cook dinner, and the rest of the evening was spent playing Grey Warden Sparkletwat in DA:O.

That’s that, I suppose. I’m going to get some drawing done, fold some laundry, then stretch out and try to recover until I need to get Nick from school. I have to cook dinner again tonight and I just feel like shit. Still, I have to do it.


This bug just won’t go away.

I swear, I’ve been sick for a couple weeks, now, and it’s driving me crazy.  It’s getting better, I’ll admit, but it still sucks.

Got a few things to do today. We visit Lisa and Blah tomorrow so we’ll need to get Soleil’s Christmas present sorted. I had plans to knit her an adorable doll but just didn’t have the time with the funeral a week before the holidays. She’ll have to settle for a care package and something new handknit for her birthday, instead.

It’s been awhile since I got groceries, too, and it’s starting to become evident whenever I look in the fridge.  Time to stock up.

Nick starts school on Monday. I can’t wait. Monday means gym time again, which also means a completely different streaming schedule. I’ll have to sit down and plan everything accordingly.  I might nix on the classes for a little while, except the Wednesday class and maybe the Tuesday class, and focus on my running and strengthening. I have a lot of weight to lose and I want to do it in the most enjoyable manner, possible.


Well, at least Monday is over.

It was a hell of a day.  The kids were really good for the morning, which was luckily enough to finish my daily drawing, but I sat alone with my thoughts and soon was completely miserable, by my own doing. All the reasons why are in that post I made, yesterday.  Anyway, when the kids were done resting, the sick was replaced with evil and they were back to normal, picking on each other till one of them screamed.  Because it took so long for them to get back to health, I hadn’t done my errands. Who wants to drag two kids around who are throwing up and pissing out their butts? Not me.

Anyway, I made dinner and called Alex, who picked up gifts for Beaver Scouts last night and he met me, albeit late, after a nasty exchange on the phone on the way.

Nick was really into the visit from Santa and Rusty hid behind me from Santa, but when Santa gave him a gift, Rusty said “Thank you”, which is a huge step, as he’s never said it before.

Alex joined us when the kids were eating snacks and he and I were civil again, thankfully. He wanted to go back to work but was really kind to let me drive out to see my friends at knit night. By the time I got there, they were waiting for the bill, but nobody had left yet and I was able to give them all a print for Christmas and stay and chat awhile.

I then drove home and told Alex he could head back to work but he decided not to. I could’ve stayed longer.

Ah well.

This morning was awful for getting up. Neither Alex nor I wanted to get up and we barely got Nick out the door. I was left to take care of the garbage by myself, so I did.

Today’s daily drawing is a gift for my son’s principal who likes both dinosaurs and Dr Who. I hope he enjoys it.

Have a great Tuesday!

Being sick is balls.

Yep. Still sick. I woke up with barely any voice and extremely congested. Nick woke up before we woke up and decided that it would be a great idea to let his brother out of their room to terrorize my living room. They ate candy, advent calendar chocolate, and THEN some yogurt. Sigh. At least they got SOMETHING healthy to eat.

Anyway, I had a talk with Nick, without freaking at him, and told him that the advent calendar chocolate was something we eat after dinner as a special treat, and that it was something he should do with his brother and with mom and/or dad. He seemed to understand, but the real question is, does he give a shit? Or will he just do what he wants, instead? Guess what I think.

I finally finished up my Daily Drawing colouring. It was pretty fun to colour the city in the picture. Would I do it like that again? Probably. It’s more challenging to do it by hand than to use a gradient tool, but that’s partially why I use SAI. Photoshop was used at the end only to adjust the colour balance to make the viewer feel like the character really is outside.

What happened yesterday? Stuff. Not a whole lot. I was miserably sick all day and freezing cold at the end of the day. Alex worked late again so I had to take care of bringing Nick to scouts. He got a promotion and now has a blue beaver tail on his hat. Good for him. Alex then subjected me to a cut version of Episodes 1 through 3. It was nearly 3 fucking hours long. Good god. He told me it would only be  90 minutes. So, here I am, watching this, wondering why these 90 minutes are taking so goddamn long to pass by.

I ended the night by playing some Civ V. I do enjoy the BNW expansion.

So, for today, I need to do some cleaning and I need to take Nick to a dentist… and if I can find a babysitter for Rusty, Alex won’t have to leave work to watch him. We’ll see if I can find someone.

Today was day 2 of my tea advent calendar. I got to try Organic Vanilla Chai. It was actually quite lovely for a black tea. I didn’t have to add anything to it in order to enjoy it. I usually find black tea fairly bitter and add a bit of sugar to cut that… but there was enough sweetened ingredients in the tea to make up for that. Organic Vanilla Chai gets a thumbs up.

Caught a touch of the lurgy.

Well, yesterday was fun, despite feeling the beginning of a cold of sorts.  I went to tea with the ladies at the Comic Book Embassy and brought my spinning wheel. We hung out and chatted for about 2 1/2 hours before I had to go to the Toronto Comix meeting. I was also chastised for not updating Tumblr. SO, that means I need to start crossposting my stuff to Tumblr. I have no problems with that. Thanks, BC, for poking me about it.

The meeting ended rather early and I opted not to grab a bite with Andrew and Malcolm and …was it Mark? (I can’t remember) so I could pick up some food on the way home for poor sick Alex and the boys. I got a couple wonton soups for us and we enjoyed a nice meal. I bit into a hot chili by accident and my mouth was on fire for a little while, but I did eventually recover and was able to taste and enjoy the rest of my meal.

After dinner, I noticed that my throat was getting even more sore and I started coughing a lot… I was also suddenly extremely cold, so I bundled up until the kids were due to go to bed and Alex and I put the kids to bed together. Then, it was warm up on the couch time. My slippers fit Alex’s feet better than my own feet. Balls. I’ll still wear them but that’ll be itching at the back of my mind whenever I put them on.

I took some Tylenol Cold and Fever before I went to bed and couldn’t fall asleep, much like the night before. After some time passed, I eventually fell asleep, but spent the majority of the night tossing and turning. Nick woke us up and I’m sure I had a fever. Shivering like crazy and too hot at the same time. Very uncomfortable. Alex opted to go to work since he slept his fever off and I bundled up, drank tea, and worked on the daily drawing.

I must say… Manga Studio 5’s perspective tool? MWAH! Love it. I can actually colour the picture tomorrow and we’ll see how Kitai’s final piece looks.

Today’s task: fold some laundry, since I won’t be attending knit night.

Hope my knitting friends have a great time, and that everyone has a pleasant Monday.