Fitting in with your peers is important to all of us, whether we like to admit it or not. Even more important is feeling comfortable with who you are and how society accepts that, particularly if you’re a member of the LGBTQ community.

In the story, a young girl, Taryn, comes out to her close-minded parents, only to find herself cast out to the streets. She flees her abusive home with the intent to seek shelter at her girlfriend’s house.

On her way to her girlfriend’s house, another poor soul is cast out of his home: ┬ámore specifically, cast out of a window, and he lands on her head.

This is how Taryn and the dog meet. ┬áTaryn doesn’t like dogs. She’s allergic to dogs. She’s having the worst day of her life… but what does the dog decide? That she’s his best friend, of course. He follows her to her girlfriend’s house, and the rest becomes history.

Strays has been a pet project for several months, now, and after completing it in black and white, I decided to send it to print. It has had an overwhelmingly positive response from people of all backgrounds and interests.

Coming out can be a terrifying experience for anybody, especially when you know your familly won’t accept it. Strays is a story about coming out and acceptance. It’s a story about love and hate, and it’s a story about fitting in when you don’t know where you’ll fit in.