Drove a lot, today.

Yep. Saturday proved to be a busy day.

Alex left before 8am for motorcycle training and I decided to take advantage of a beautiful day and GSD.


I made a lot of stops since I left the house before 9 this morning.

1. Local community centre had a free pancake breakfast today
2. Drove up to Stadium Comics in Brampton to see Ty​ and Keiren​ at their Free Comic Book Day. Also saw Meaghan​ there!. Ty drew an awesome Thor for Nick. It was great seeing you, but do rest when you get home 🙂
3. Onward from there to the Neilson Park Creative Centre where I saw Cindy​ and Salad​ where I picked up a little art yarn kit. So excited to play with that 😀
4. After this, we stopped at CostCo in Mississauga East to get gas. Waited a good 15 mins for it but got a really good price, compared to other stations.
5, Hit the highway after CostCo and got a pile of free comics for me and Nick and Rusty to all read at Altered State Comics in Clarkson Village.
6. Because the boys were actually really good and really patient all day, I took them to McDonalds for lunch and let them blow off some steam in the playplace.

Then, home.

The whole trip was about 75km. Rusty is in bed to nap and I just wanna put up my feet and take a nap, myself.

So I will.

Tomorrow is opening day at Wonderland. More driving and more walking, but it’ll be oh so satisfying.