Wow, did we ever get it.

And by get it, I mean snow. Not nearly as much as Buffalo, mind you, who got a meter dumped on them… but for Toronto? This much snow this early in the year? Yeah.

Driving was fun, yesterday… and by fun, I mean a fucking nightmare. I was fishtailing all over the place and slid off the road at one point — while doing 20kph. Unbelievable. It took me twenty minutes to drive six kilometers. Luckily, I got Nick in time from school and all was well — plus, Rusty had no potty accidents. He even fell asleep in the back seat, blissfully unaware of the chaos on the roads. I wish I were a kid again.

So, because of the weather, I’m deciding to stay in for the majority of the day. Alas, it won’t be for the entire day; I have writing class today and must brave the weather and the traffic to learn amazing things this week.  I still haven’t done my homework, but that’s mostly because I hadn’t thought of anything to write about.  I might actually sit and finish up in a bit because I came up with an idea late last night.

Alex was home late again last night. It took him over an hour to get home in the snow last night. The roads must not have been salted yet. He said this morning’s commute was “only” 45 minutes. (double the regular commute) and that certainly beats last night’s commute. He got home after 10pm. Poor bastard works 12 hour shifts most nights, other than Thursdays. I’ve given up my knit night because his workload is SO intense.

I wish they’d hire more people to help him. It gets lonely in the evenings without a snuggly, warm husband to watch tv with. Cats are nice, but husband is better.

Anyway, here’s today’s checklist:

★ Draw
★ Blog
★ Write the romcom outline
★ Dishes
★ Get Nick from school
★ Class
★ Survive the drive home

I have no idea what I’ll be eating for dinner tonight. Greg hasn’t texted me yet. I should text him about it. In any case, I’ll post again tomorrow. I want to do this everyday. I will do this everyday. I can do this everyday.

Have a great day. 🙂