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Who is Shelly?

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 Shelly comics cater to and revolve around the lives of young teen girls. 

Real life stories for real life girls.

About Shelly

Shelly was created in the early 90s and was put away for many years. She was a mechanism to cope with a difficult childhood and helped me, the creator, get through my preteen years. I decided to revive her:...

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Meet the Girls

Shelly Mason Shelly is the protagonist of our story. She is an art kid who loves to use spray paint as a medium and is painting a giant mural in her bedroom. She is also a skateboarder...

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The Comics

Shelly comics are available in both digital and physical form. They are shipped from the Greater Toronto Area and upon request, can even be held for you to pick up at a convention. Each issue...

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The Gallery

This is a collection of both concept and thumbnail art, as well as pinups of Shelly and her friends. I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.  If anyone decides to draw and submit...

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Latest News

Shelly #2 Pre-orders!
Posted By jupejuperocket  Posted On 18-Jul-2019

The Kickstarter for Shelly #2's pre-orders is now live! If you enjoyed #1, I'm sure you'll enjoy the continuation of the story. Here is the link to the Kickstarter!

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Sneak Preview!
Posted By jupejuperocket  Posted On 04-Oct-2018

Available soon, at the Mississauga Comic Expo, I will be selling the mini preview of Shelly 2. Only 50 copies were made, so get yours before it sells out! In other news, Shelly 2 is well on its way. It has been completely drawn and I am now in the

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Shelly 2 Update
Posted By jupejuperocket  Posted On 12-Sep-2018

Just writing a quick update to let everyone know that I am well into penciling Shelly 2! I'm on page 5 and hope to have up to page 10 done soon! No spoilers, though. You'll have to wait!

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What’s new with Shelly?
Posted By jupejuperocket  Posted On 18-Aug-2018

Shelly is an ongoing project, as you all know. Issue 1 is exactly that: The first of a series.  I'd like to announce that I have begun the thumbnailing and storyboarding of Shelly 2 because the script is complete! Shelly book 2 is about consequences, and paying the price for

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Enamel Pins!
Posted By jupejuperocket  Posted On 18-Jul-2018

New to the Shelly Shop is the brand spanking new Shelly Enamel Pin! They are 1 1/4" large and are soft enamel. Perfect for a jean jacket or bag! I will be making a guest appearance at the Brampton Comic Book Show on July 29th, 2018. Hope to see you there.

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Shelly is coming to Brampton!
Posted By jupejuperocket  Posted On 14-Jun-2018

Hi everyone! Please join me in Brampton on June 17th for the first annual Brampton Comic Con, located at Century Gardens Recreation Centre. I'll have variant covers and original covers, as well as notebooks, keychains, t-shirts, and pencil cases available. I hope to see you there! In the meantime, I've

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