What’s new with Shelly?

Shelly is an ongoing project, as you all know. Issue 1 is exactly that: The first of a series.  I’d like to announce that I have begun the thumbnailing and storyboarding of Shelly 2 because the script is complete!

Shelly book 2 is about consequences, and paying the price for your actions. It still deals with bullying, and it addresses how we all feel isolated and ashamed.

I will be appearing at Cambridge Comic Arts Festival next weekend, August 25th, at the Cambridge Idea Exchange in downtown Cambridge, ON. I will bring along my work so far with me, and any Shelly fans can have a super exclusive sneak preview of the next story!

Additionally, I will be at Fan Expo Canada in downtown Toronto at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in the South Building at table 404. Like at Cambridge, I will be sharing new Shelly work with anyone interested, as well as selling Shelly merchandise along with my regular prints and the comics.

If you’re a young artist and want to share any Shelly fan art, just contact me through this page and I will accept your fan art to post on the page!

Thank you so much for all your support. I hope to see many of you at my upcoming shows.

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