Sneak Preview!

Available soon, at the Mississauga Comic Expo, I will be selling the mini preview of Shelly 2. Only 50 copies were made, so get yours before it sells out!

In other news, Shelly 2 is well on its way. It has been completely drawn and I am now in the inking process.

Previews of the comic are coming soon.

I had the pleasure of visiting Baltimore Comic Con the last weekend of September and was delighted to discover another comic about a skateboarding teen girl called Street Angel. I just HAD to have a copy. I also met the creator of Street Angel, Jim Rugg. What an awesome guy! He drew a sketch of Jesse with Shelly, and I absolutely love it.

Jim Rugg

Click here to find Jim’s Instagram.

Finally, I am devoting all of Inktober to pictures of Shelly. I’ll be really busy every weekend of this month, but will still try to produce a picture of Shelly for Inktober. I will start posting pictures that I’ve inked on Monday, as this weekend I’ll be representing Studiocomix on Friday and Saturday at Tri-City Supercon. If you go, drop by and say hi! I will have a copy of the mini preview to show, but it will not be for sale.

That’s all for now!

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