Meet the Girls

Shelly Mason

Shelly is the protagonist of our story. She is an art kid who loves to use spray paint as a medium and is painting a giant mural in her bedroom. She is also a skateboarder and a bit of a tomboy. Shelly tends to walk to the beat of her own drum and can be very aloof, but she is a loyal friend who will stand up for a friend, or even a stranger, if she feels that something bad is happening to them.

Shelly is a smart kid but doesn’t always apply herself. She finds school boring at times and often daydreams, which gets her into trouble in class.

Shelly is regarded as something of a rogue student by certain groups in the school, as she will visit different people and socialise with more than just her own group of friends, but she always returns to her best friends.

Shelly is the protector of her group of friends; with a strong moral compass, she always ends up doing the right thing, even if she takes a few wrong turns along the way.

Shelly has a younger toddler brother and lives with both of her parents.


Krissie Anderson

Krissy is Shelly’s oldest friend. They met in kindergarten and became friends when Shelly gave Krissy her crayons after another student took them away.

Krissy loves fashion magazines, makeup, and nice clothing.  She comes from a wealthy Jamaican family who owns their own chain of Caribbean restaurants.

Krissy is a sort of motherly figure to the group, wanting to watch over and comfort her friends. She always has kind words, a hug, or advice to make them feel better.  She is the oldest of the group, her birthday being in January, and often reminds the others of such.

When Shelly isn’t around, Krissy is regarded as the “leader” of the girls.

Krissy is fair-minded, strong-willed, and kind-hearted. She lives with her parents and brothers and sisters.



Aiko Hayashi

Aiko is a twin! her brother, Edo, is in the same grade and often pesters her while she’s with her friends or trying to do her homework.

Aiko is a child prodigy, much like her brother, and spends a lot of her spare time in music lessons and doing extra-curricular study activities, such as math club, science club, and chess club. She has played the violin since she was three years old.

Aiko is also obsessed with technology. She loves to program games and apps for her and her friends’ phones. It feels like she’s always on her cell phone doing something or another.  She loves to take pictures of herself and the other girls and post them to her personal website.

Along with her extracurricular activities, Aiko is fluent in English, French, and Japanese. She visits her grandparents in Japan during the summer every year for a few weeks with her brother.

Aiko lives with her parents and her twin brother.

Asha Khan

Asha is a sweet girl who has nothing but the best of intentions.  She has a gentle nature that you can’t fake and becomes very emotional when things happen to her friends.  Likewise, when good things happen, she gets very excited.

Asha loves girly things and cute things. Her bedroom is loaded with stuffed animals, fluffy kitten posters, and lots of pink stuff. Her favourite colour is yellow because she thinks it’s bright and cheery, like the sun.

Asha is often considered by other students to be an airhead, but she’s actually quite bright. She aces all her test scores but doesn’t brag or make a big deal about it.

Asha lives with her parents, her younger sister, and her grandmother.


Susan Brown

Susan is a very shy girl who loves to read.

She is often at the library or in her room, her nose buried in a new novel. It is not uncommon for Susan to go through six or seven novels a week. She doesn’t have a favourite genre and will read almost anything.

Susan became Shelly’s friend one day when Shelly noticed she was reading the same book as her. She kept pestering Susan until she opened up and Shelly discovered a beautiful personality behind the veil of shyness.

Susan is an only child and lives with her mother.