About Shelly

Shelly was created in the early 90s and was put away for many years. She was a mechanism to cope with a difficult childhood and helped me, the creator, get through my preteen years.

I decided to revive her: create a realistic young adult comic character that young people can relate to.

Shelly is a 13 year old girl with flaws and strengths. She fiercely loves her friends and is devoted to them to the point where she may get into trouble defending them.  She’s an artist, a skateboarder, a reader, and a dreamer.  She has problems like every other young person and finds ways to solve them, whether she makes the right decisions or not.

She lives in Canada, in a city called Mississauga and goes to school at the fictional Maple Valley Public School. She lives with her parents and little brother, Daniel.

Shelly will hopefully inspire and motivate young people, particularly young ladies, to be the very best they can be and to take action in their lives to independently solve their problems, yet also be unafraid to ask for help when times get hard. Being strong doesn’t mean being alone.

I hope you enjoy the book. I will be opening a shop soon and will be submitting to Comixology.