Here we go!

Shelly has been sent to the printers and will be ready soon! I have also sent off the buttons, mini prints, and stickers. ETA for everything to be done will be Friday, but I will not start sending everything out until the second week of October. (I’m going on vacation for the first week of October with my family and will not be anywhere near the studio)

Don’t worry, though. The first Monday after I get home from vacation, I will begin to assemble everybody’s care packages.

If you are looking for local pickup, you can pick up your copy of the book at Mississauga Comic Expo at the Mississauga Central Library on October 21st from 11-4. It’s located right by Square One and is accessible by both bus and GO — there’s a bus that goes straight from Islington subway station in Toronto to Square One. If you’re driving, parking is free on Saturdays. Bonus!

If you can’t make it to MCX, I will be speaking with some other comic stores about signings and setting up a table. Altered States Comics and Gotham Central Comics in Mississauga, for sure, and a couple locations TBA in Toronto.

This is an exciting time! You’ll have your copy of the book in your hot little hands soon enough 🙂



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