Chugging along.

Well, I was up fairly late last night writing, but I got a bunch of kinks worked out. The story is coming along really nicely. Hopefully, I’ll have the script done by Thursday so I can ask Ty what he thinks of it and for any ideas. The story has really come a long way since I pitched it to the class and I’m actually really proud of myself.  I’ve thought of a bunch of great angles and shots to draw and I’ll be headed down to the area I need to draw to take photos soon. I want to have all the pencils for my story done by Christmas.

And all of this is thanks to Ty’s writing class. If any of my readers are from Toronto and if any of you want to draw or write comics, take Ty’s course. It’s worth it a hundred times over.

In other news, we had a family game day, yesterday. Nick played Wii Sports and Wii Play all day. He loves the mini tanks game the most and is getting better and better at it. We ended game day with Mario Kart.  I think Sunday will be the game day if he’s had a good week and that Wii would be a good reward for when he finishes his homework.

His reading is coming along really nicely. He tries to read everything he sees and gets it right a lot of the time. I’m really proud of him.

Rusty’s speech is also coming, though slowly. He’s picking up more words. I worked on and finished his word charts yesterday. We have a schedule now and a “I want” chart so he can tell me what he wants without screaming at me.

I’ve decided on life drawings for today for the daily drawing. I drew Russell from an existing photo because he’s a squirmy little bastard who won’t stay still. It looks like him, so I feel successful today in my art.


Today’s tea was Canadian, EH? from T by David. Super smooth and yummy.


Today’s agenda is pretty chill. Nick is home from school with a mild fever and a sore throat so I imagine the tv and the cartoons will be going all day. That’s all right. At least I can get some things done.  if I get a chance, I’ll head up to see my knitting friends later and drop off their popcorn orders from Nick’s scout troupe.

On the knitting project front, I have one doll dress to make, the brunette doll, a dwarven battle bonnet, a cowl, something for my mother, and a mystery gift for Ty. I’ll post pics of the projects after Christmas so that nobody is inadvertently spoiled.


I thought I’d never come up with what to draw… but a conversation with an acquaintance with me, local artist Adam Gorham,  He gave me some really good advice about perspective, as my previous couple daily drawings had perspective off. You’re going to start seeing a lot more drawings of the house and of things that are in perspective; it’s the only way I’m going to learn and get good at it. I need to practice, practice, practice.

Yesterday was a really busy day. I spent practically the whole day out with the boys running errands while Alex and the guys did some beer brewing. The boys were actually really good while I was out. Rusty was better than average and Nick was listening. There was a bit of pouting when they were given a lunch at the mall of noodles, chicken, and green beans (Nick wanted burgers and fries, of course) but in the end, both boys ate everything on their plates like ravenous little beasts. I’d say it was a success. We had our grease for dinner because I was far too tired to make anything decent.

Tonight should be okay. I’ll make up for it with a nice oven roasted chicken breast and some potatoes. Or maybe a chicken stir fry. I’ll decide later.

We got a bunch of supplies for Rusty’s charts and the start of Christmas crafts.  I think that I’ll make cookies for the family this year since nobody’s buying for us and we can’t afford to buy for all of them.  Christmas is so damned stressful.

Work on Best Mutt is coming along well. I’ve written out Acts I and II in script format and will work on getting Act III done today. Act III should be pretty easy because it’s mostly in montage form.  Act IV will be a bit more time consuming, as a lot happens, and Act V will be relatively easy. I’m getting all my rough mini thumbs done at this time, too, which will, of course, be revised later to look prettier. It’s all good. When all that’s done, I’ll do the turnarounds. I’ve never had to draw dogs a lot in the past so it’ll be a nice learning activity.

I’ll be posting the black and white comic online for free and if anyone wants a coloured version, they can throw me a few bucks for the PDF. I’ll set up a store for it and stuff and when I go to a convention of sorts for artists alley, I’ll print some copies of it in case anyone there wants a hard copy. (And, of course, I’ll make hard copies available for purchase online.)

Today’s plan is to write more and to play video games with my six year old. He didn’t get to play any yesterday and was pretty upset so I promised him that when his dad gets up, we’ll play some today.

Enjoy your Sunday!