I had this window open yesterday to post the blog post but got distracted by something shiny. Stupid attention span. Here’s the low down on what went down for the last couple days. It kind of works out since yesterday was pretty uneventful.


Did my daily drawing, etc, did some surfing, and found some recipes online; the usual stuff, really. Ravelry got some love, too, as always. The one huge task for the day was getting Nick’s fillings done… or at least, the first half of them. Little bugger had cavities on both sides of his mouth and they won’t do both sides at once because it’s just cruel and unusual punishment to freeze both sides of a person’s mouth.

So, I called Alex about an hour before it was time to get Nick from school and he came home to watch Rusty, as I couldn’t find a babysitter. I stuffed Nick into the car and we went to the dentist, arriving JUST in time.  They had him drink this awful blue gunk and then eat a freezie to get the taste out of his mouth, but the damage had been done. Nick was already complaining and upset about the awful blue stuff. It started the process of him being upset and everything just escalated from there.

I helped him walk to the chair and held him so he wouldn’t fall, as the blue stuff basically kills all your instincts. If Nick had fallen face first, he wouldn’t have had the where-with-all to put his arms out to stop the fall and would’ve just faceplanted. SO, he went into the chair and chose to watch the Spongebob movie. Not that it did a lot of good. Once things started, so did the screaming. The flailing. The fighting. He was dead set on getting out of that chair, no matter how much nitrous they pumped into him.  I had to sit on his legs and hold his arms down — and still, my six year old managed to lift me off of the chair with his legs and nearly ripped his arms out of my arms. In fact, he did rip his arms out of my hands, and at one point, grabbed my fat roll (you’re allowed to laugh at that) and squeezed and twisted to try to get me off of him.

An agonzing 30 minutes later, he was done. Still frozen, crying, generally upset. I brought him home and Alex tried to play some Wii with him to cheer him up but that wasn’t working. I went to get Alex and I some dinner and I made the boys Kraft dinner with chicken nuggets because Nick’s mouth was still sore and kraft dinner was the easiest thing for him to eat for dinner.

He was weepy and agitated all night and we eventually got him to bed. He went out like a light and slept through till morning without incident.


Nick woke up with no memory of what happened the day before at the dentist. Thank freaking goodness. I took care of the boys’ breakfast and Nick’s lunch because Alex wasn’t feeling great in the morning; he had a slow start. Then, off to school. It was an uneventful day, other than the daily drawing and forgetting to blog. I did some cleaning, hung out with Rusty, and mostly chilled.

I have homework to do later and class to go to tonight. Same old routine.

Have a great day.