I just love Thursdays.

Thursday is class day. I love, love, LOVE Thursdays. I’ll be meeting with Fred for dinner before class today and joining us will be Greg and possibly Tom and Mandy from class. I’ll head downtown earlier than usual, too, since I haven’t seen Fred in effing forever. So, I’m thinking ramen noodles, as the weather has been getting colder lately. A nice, hot soup will help warm the soul and fuel the brain — and if we have time, we can stop at the tea house for a cuppa before class.

All good.

Last night’s dinner was a simple one. Alex came home early from work because he was feeling like shit. I made wonton soup and pork buns for dinner and that went over really well. Everyone seemed decently satisfied with dinner. I passed out on the couch before the kids went to bed and Alex didn’t disturb me. I woke up to find out he was watching Man of Steel, then we watched the rest together and finished the night with Star Trek TNG. We watched Chain of Command parts 1 and 2. Part 2 is probably my favourite TNG episode. Picard rocks.

On the drawing front, I finished the Leona turnaround for today’s daily drawing. I’ll be sure to add it to the appropriate folders. We’ll see whether or not I do more turnarounds tonight, I don’t know. I’m equally dreading and looking forward to drawing Dog. That’s the only part I’m not overly confident about. I’ll have to find all sorts of reference stuff to work with so I’m comfortable with it.

Today’s big chore is dishes. I want Alex to be able to make dinner for the boys when I’m gone. Hope, hope, hope.

Speaking of hope, I hope Ty read my script. I wanna start on my thumbnails asap. đŸ™‚